Rick Hipps - Tales of Magic and Steel

Spinner of Yarns, Avid Storyteller, & Purveyor of Fantasy Both Dark and Wondrous

About the author

Yarn spinner, storyteller, and purveyor of dark fantasy, Rick began his love of all things fantastic with 'the greatest pulp novelist in the whole wide world,' and considers Robert E. Howard as both a literary mentor and guiding influence.

Born in the midwest, Rick joined the armed forces after high school during the Southeast Asian conflict. At the end of his tour, he returned home to begin college, working as an assistant librarian at the local university. His love of fantasy convinced him to author several early short stories, gaining him membership in the Nebraska Writer's Group.

Fantasy tales, classic movies, and family (his wife, author Verna McKinnon, and their cats, Bridget and Duncan) fill the time Rick is not at his writing; which includes the continuing development of a nine-book fantasy adventure series.

Some of his works can be found at The Absent Willow Review, Bewildering Stories, and Mystic Signals.

Verna McKinnon